Team Structure

Interior Column

Your building project is likely of paramount importance to you, and you rightly expect the same dedication from your Architect.  Who, after all, would want their project to be relegated to the ‘B’ team?

We feel the same way about your project.  Architecture worth doing is worth doing well; very well. After all, people are going to have to live with (and in) the result for a long time.

To that end, LHW:Arch has intentionally adopted a lean footprint as a company.  We don’t have a B team.  We don’t have, or want, a large company machine that requires constant feeding at the expense of  work quality or customer satisfaction.  This allows us to take on less, and give back more.

With LHW:Arch, you know that the person you are meeting with is the one doing the work. You also know that the project is going to get the attention it needs until it is complete.

So how does this approach translate into larger projects that require a larger architectural team?

First, LHW:Arch is able to do more with less.  Keeping the team small means more efficiency, and the best coordination.

Second, when appropriate, LHW:Arch is networked with talent it knows and trusts.  Rather than perpetuate the hire/fire cycles that used to prevail in the industry, we participate in a small firm talent collective of like-minded, and carefully vetted, professionals.  This arrangement benefits us all. Rather than the old way of building a team by hiring untested strangers or seeing who in the office isn’t busy, we build a team of the right people, at the right time, with the right skills to fit the project.

We live and breathe this stuff.  We thrive on the work we do, and we believe that it is important enough to warrant pride; yours and ours.  We make that our goal.