We pursue an architecture that is well considered, simply expressed, carefully detailed, and environmentally responsible.

A well-considered building serves those that make use of it, and enhances the daily experience of those inhabiting it.  A well-considered building interacts gracefully with its surroundings and works harmoniously with its influences.

A simply-expressed building has an absence of unnecessary complication.  It has clarity in form that relates to its structure.  Beauty found in pleasing proportions and well-used materials transcends styles of the day.

A carefully-detailed building ensures that a building will perform precisely as intended, and also that the materials employed are used to their best effect.  Careful detailing carries through to fine building accents when appropriate for the building; but all buildings, no matter how humble, can transform from ordinary to just-right with considered detailing.

Environmental responsibility is a goal that we are deeply committed to.  Buildings utilize the largest part of our earth’s finite material and energy resources, and so we must be as responsible as we can with their use.  Fortunately, we find that this is not a competing goal to that of building Owners; reduced operation costs provide savings that can exceed investment, durability reduces maintenance, and occupant comfort and health is increased.